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Tevm docs

A complete toolset to build Ethereum applications in JavaScript


Powerful Tevm memory devnet

Execute JavaScript directly in your TypeScript code without the need for an external RPC. EVM execution and forking akin to anvil

Familiar Viem actions api

Tevm is built on top of the Viem api and plugs right into your existing Viem/Wagmi applications. Adapters exist for Ethers.js as well.

Solidity imports

Importing solidity files directly into TypeScript. No need to set up complicated build pipelines. Just import the contract from your repo or node_modules. Support for generating from a live deployment coming soon.

Runs in all environments

Tevm runs in the browser, node.js, and bun. Everything you could only previously do in other languages or on the server is now possible everywhere JavaScript runs.

Try now on Stackblitz!

  • Select > Typescript: Select Typescript version: Use Workspace Version in the editor to enable the Tevm compiler upon opening the stackblitz. = Tevm compiler with solidity compilation only works in the stackblitz beta environment