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JSON-RPC Requests

Note: this guide is out of date and will be updated soon

All clients implement a tevm.request() method for handling JSON-RPC requests.

const { result, errors, id, method, jsonrpc } = await client.request({
method: "eth_blockNumber",
params: [],
id: 1,
jsonrpc: "2.0",

Below are all procedures implemented or planned to be implemented. 🚧 means the procedure is still under construction

Tevm methods

Tevm methods are feature-rich methods that provide a high level of control over the VM.

  • tevm_call - Similar to eth call but with additional properties to control the VM execution
  • tevm_getAccount - gets account information such as balances contract information nonces and state roots.
  • tevm_setAccount - directly modifies the state of an account
  • tevm_script - Runs the provided bytecode against the EVM state
  • tevm_dumpState - Returns the state of the VM
  • tevm_loadState - Initializes the state of the VM

Eth methods

Tevm plans on implementing most of the ethereum JSON-RPC spec

Debug methods

Anvil/Hardhat methods

Anvil/hardhat methods are provided for compatability